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Chapter 7

  • Chapter Seven
  • Jane and Spider turn and see Mary and Jacob staring at them, before jack both Jane and Spider aim and shoot them both, Mary pull Jacob away and they take the backyard, they both run away, Jane and Spider pursue after them and other killer go after them as well.
  • They got to the wall and Jacob who had already snap out of Jane betrayal shock, he quickly jump over the wall, he stand on the wall and urge Mary to run and jump, she also run and Jacob caught her hand, he help her up and she is able to jump over to the other side. Jacob wants to jump, but there is sound of gunshot, Jacob fall over to the other side, he is bleeding because the gunshot hit him in the arm.
  • Quickly Mary removes her robe and used it to tie Jacob arm, she help him up and they are both running towards the seaside. Jane, Spider and the other killer pursue after them as well using their feet.
  • Jacob was bleeding very badly and he was losing his vision. Mary manage to help him move at least, she look forward and see the whole sea as far as five kilometer wide, she look back and see Jane and the rest of the killer coming after them.
  • Mary is now in a dilemma, she looks around for something to help, luckily a speedboat drive in, quickly Mary shout for help. The driver who happen to be a Lady in her late twenties stop right in her front, Jacob on his own had already blackout as a result of losing too much blood, both Mary and the Lady help Jacob into the speedboat, the Lady look out and see gunmen coming over, she also see how Mary was dress with just Lingerie, she panic and voice out
  • "Who are you?" She asked.
  • "Just get us over the sea, I will pay you a million dollar." Mary said and show her the content of the bag.
  • "Million Dollars just for over the river." The Lady said.
  • “Yes, just get us over the sea.” Mary said with sarcasm, like someone in a hurry.
  • “Fine come on in.” the Lady said.
  • She and Mary drag Jacob into the ship, she kick start the speedboat and drive away quickly just like a pro, in a minute, they are in the middle of the sea.
  • Meanwhile Jane and the rest reach the bank of the river, Spider just have a wicked smile on his face, he turn and one of the killer give to him a RPGs, he set the bomb and aim at the boat, Spider fire the bullet and the bullet go directly after the speedboat. Mary looks out and scream
  • "RPGs." she shouts and in second boom, the speedboat go up in flame.
  • Spider use RPGs on the Speedboat carrying Mary and Jacob go up in flame, Jane scream in happiness, Spider also smile and wave at the speedboat which was in crumble and sinking into the vast sea.
  • "Bye bye and Game over." he said
  • He drop the RPGs for his gang, they all turn and left the scene to give the good news to Luke and the Drug Lord.
  • Meanwhile when Mary scream the other time, she and the Lady had jump into the water, they both manage to drag Jacob away from the boat before it go up in flame, they stay under water for as long as possible, Mary had been practicing holding her breath underwater every night with the swimming pool at the mansion. The Lady live at the seaside, so she is basically a fish, Jacob on his own is unconscious thus he just sink under.
  • The three stay still for as long as possible till they sense the danger over had pass away. The Lady tie Jacob to herself and she swim to the shore, Mary as well swim after her too.
  • They reach the sand and Mary drop the backpack on her back, she begin to pump out the water in Jacob mouth and stomach. The Lady as well is doing traditional reviving method on Jacob, some minutes. Jacob show sign of survival, but he still didn't open his eyes, the Lady voice out
  • "Let's get him to my grandfather." she said and stands up
  • "Thank you for helping us, but I don't buy that idea, I think hospital will do goods here." Mary protest, she sit down on the sandy beach.
  • "Look around.” she begin, “you are hunted; I think lying low is your best option right now.” the Lady said finally.
  • "Maybe you are right." Mary also agrees with her nodding her head in approval.
  • “Off course am right.” the Lady said and bend beside Jacob, she look at his handsome face “so my grandfather then.” she said finally
  • Mary nods her head and look at Jacob face, he is breathing but still his eyes are closed tightly
  • "And you sure, he will be okay?" Mary said with concern, her gaze still lock on Jacob.
  • "I bet my life on it she will be okay." the Lady said.
  • "Alright then, thank you." Mary said looking at the young Lady helping them.
  • "No, don’t thank me, am doing this because you promise me hundred million, I need the cash." the Lady said and walk away from Mary.
  • Mary was shock at the Lady outburst, she smile and stand up, she shout on top of her voice.
  • "Where are you going to?" She asked.
  • "Am going to get us transport." the Lady replied and she walk away.
  • Mary sit back and was waiting, the same time was feeling Jacob breath, some minute the Lady come back with a carriage drag by two horse. They both manage to put Jacob on the carriage, Mary sit beside the Lady in the front, the Lady beat the horse to movement, the two horse neigh and strode off gently.