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Chapter 132

  • One Hundred and Thirty One
  • Director Alicia nod and smiled. The head Jailer also decided to leave, Director Alicia decided to see him off to the garage, immediately the head Jailer left, Director Alicia walked back in, she stood behind Agent Puller.
  • "Puller, in my office now.” Director Alicia said angrily and she walked away to her office.
  • Agent Puller knew that there is trouble, quickly he stood up and followed Director Alicia to her office, he met Agent Black waiting in the office, Director as well remained standing, she was tapping her foot on he floor, seeing the situation, Agent Puller knew very well that he is really busted.
  • "So tell me, what your badge is doing in a dead inmate hand?" Director Alicia asked first, her time carried such a great animosity in it.
  • "I have no fucking idea; plus that is not my barge." Agent Puller said looking very confused.
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