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Chapter 10

  • Chapter Ten
  • Mi Ho was surprised to hear that a man had been living with his parent and he never know, without asking she knew that Mary and her husband probably had a reason for keeping such a huge secret away from him, so she ask no further. Mary as well is glad that Mi Ho didn't ask any question further about her relationship with Jacob.
  • Meanwhile an hour lapse and Mi Ho remove the line from Mary arm, she look around and find a bottle of milk, she pick up the milk and hand it over to Mary to drink it, so as to replenish her lost blood. Mary also takes it and drink it whole, she fold her arm a little bit and stretch it again, she did this like five times before she stop.
  • Mi Ho clean Jacob body with the towel for the last time, she spread the towel on Jacob forehead and turn to Mary,
  • "He will be okay." she said.
  • "I sure believe it so too." Mary reply.
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