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Chapter 44

  • Chapter Forty Four
  • Jacob laugh, they change to another idea and they both begin to talk about the stars, till finally they begin to be felling sleepy, they had to retired to bed.
  • Soon Sunrise and the whole land is light with rays from the Sun, Jacob and Mi Ho get prepared, they get dress and leave the hut as early as possible, first they go to the hut in the bush and pick up the case full of cut paper.
  • Mi Ho as well go around the corner pick up a small back pack, she put it on her back, after picking up the case, they head to Tahit River, and luckily they find a boat just in time, Jacob and Mi Ho board the boat, and it transport them over the river.
  • Once they alight, Jake look at his wristwatch and the time read 1:00pm,he look around and see Alex and the girls waiting, he and Mi Ho walk towards the twin and Lillian,
  • "I remember saying two" Jacob said.
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