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Chapter 85

  • Chapter Eighty Four
  • Luke broke to laughter, he knew that it is time to got out of Prison, he and Spider then began to plan on how to get acquitted with Omar, actually three years just pass away from his fifty year imprisonment, but he so want out so as to bury Jacob at all cost, he decide to move near Omar and together they can bury Jake.
  • Finally one year after Omar is in at the Prison, he is sited and looking at the other Prisoners having their leisure time, Luke sits beside him and also feign ignorance at first. Omar don't mind Luke at first as well, after few minute Luke voice out.
  • “Who knew that a feeble Orphan can bury two great Men all in the period of two years.” Luke begins
  • Omar frowns, he understand Luke parable. “Who are you?”
  • "Omar, share the same enemy." Luke said, he turns and face Omar direction.
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