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Chapter 77

  • Chapter Seventy Seven
  • All the sudden an idea struck his mind, he decides to go for it, he head to the bedroom and change his cloth, he put on grey polo shirt over a blue jeans, he takes his hand gun and put it at the back of his trouser, then he heads to the garage, he enter his car then he drive out.
  • He drive to the direction of Tahit City Grad school, the school is the best school in the whole of Tahit City and it’s environment, any parent who wish for a bright start for their children take their children to the school, the same school is where Agent Black daughter is also attending, and the small girl is just in level two.
  • Jacob wait park at the school corner, he actually had go to the Principal office and show his badge as an FBI Agent, his excuse for coming is that Agent Black is busy, this he is sent to bring back his daughter. Thus when the school close for the day, Jacob drives to the school gate and await the little girl.
  • He hardly wait for few more minute, he sees the girl he was looking for and he drives towards him, he winds down the windscreen first.
  • "Hey beautiful.” Jacob said smiling.
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