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Chapter 103

  • Chapter One Hundred and Two
  • After the success of getting Omar and the Mercenaries down, Jacob, Tommy and Alex returned back home, they had to leave the area before the area us surrounded by the Media, who are always hungry for something to report something to the world, and they are disappointed, because the trio hardly walk away from the scene, when the Media arrive, and began to capture the scene.
  • Agent Black is also interviewed by the Media as well, the same time they are broadcasting it to the t.v. Just when it is closing towards nightfall, Omar body including all the dead Mercenaries are taken away by Ambulance, Agent Black and the rest of the FBI Agent also take their leave away from the scene and returned back home as well.
  • Meanwhile Jacob and his friend arrived home safely, actually Jacob make the decision to live separately for the main time, at least until Luke is defeated once and for all, but they usually met together at daytime to discuss their daily profit from Heart of Mary and Paradise, moreover other smaller business they have together. Thus immediately after the success of the raid on Omar, Alex parked the car at the underground garage in Paradise, the trio alight and head to the hall.
  • All the time, Mi Ho and the girls are watching the T.V, when they also read about the news of Omar death, they all screamed in delight reading the news. Actually the trio had stop working for Jacob about two years ago, Jacob decided that the trio just watch as their husband work hard to bring them money, and they spend it, they are backup plan for Jacob in the first place, and for the past two years, there is less trouble, thus Mi Ho, Alexis and Lillian just continued to go on shopping spree.
  • Meanwhile after reading the news on T.V, Mi Ho voiced out first,
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