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Chapter 68

  • Chapter Sixty Eight
  • Mi Ho also smile and so the pictures session continue till everyone is satisfy, Alex drive in the Limousine and everybody all board the car, Jacob and Mi Ho alone is at the back seat, Lilian was with Alex in the front seat, Alexis, Tommy and Zhang were in another car, the two car drive away heading to the new Mansion bought by Jacob
  • Jacob and Mi Ho was at the backseat inside the Limousine, Alex was driving and Lillian was also beside him at the front seat. Jacob and Mi Ho are both drinking, making toast to the success of their marriage, the cup cling and both were drinking, Mi Ho voice out
  • "Have you heard the news?" She ask
  • "What news is that?" Jacob also ask with a smile written on his face
  • "Celeb club house will now be sold to the highest bidder" Mi Ho said
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