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Chapter 88

  • Chapter Eighty Seven
  • Meanwhile Jacob and the rest of his friend are in a Charity Party, this had became his lifestyle every three month, he named the charity using the name of Johnson, and every money he gather together from the Charity, he always use it for people who had been affected by drugs.
  • Tonight is the fifth time he is having the Charity Event since it began two years ago, Jacob and his wife is present. Alex, Alexis, Tommy and Lillian are also present at the Charity as well, Zhang alone is absent, he actually traveled the previous day to his Mother land, and he planned to return the next day.
  • The charity begins as always, Jacob climb the podium and introduce the Charity, he also introduce the Peoples in the house, after the introduction, the Money bags begin to donate cash for Jacob and his Charity House. Jacob and his friend sit somewhere and are discussing on irrelevant issue, they are drinking wine and the sane time cracking jokes. They are having fun and laughing out very loudly.
  • Tommy asks to visit the restroom downstairs, the same time Alex phone rings, he check the caller and it is Zhang, he pick up and give the phone to Jacob.
  • "Jacob its Zhang.” Alex replied covering his mouth with his hand.
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