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Chapter 56

  • Chapter Fifty Six
  • Meanwhile Jacob and Mi Ho are still running away, they come across more men, the first man come out from a corner, without even wasting time, Mi Ho remove his handgun and shoot him dead, Jacob run into a house and Mi Ho follow her, they both stay behind the door
  • Jacob take one of Mi Ho shoes and they both wait, two men run in after them, in count of three, Mi Ho and Jake swing the heel of the shoes in their hand, it hit the men in their head, blood was gushing out and the men died instantly, quickly Jacob drag them in, and Mi Ho also close the door,
  • "Phone please" Jacob said.
  • His hand raise up, Mi Ho also hand over the phone to him, Jacob dial a number and wait, the other and also pick up,
  • "Hello Alex" Jacob said anxiously.
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