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Chapter 125

  • Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four
  • Meanwhile Alex hardly drive another five mite minute, they can see a building just ahead, the same time they can see Luke, Farouq and Spider entering into the building. Tommy point out.
  • "That is it right" Tommy said.
  • "Finally we got you now bastard." Agent Black said, immediately he dial Director Alicia number and tell the woman his location.
  • In a blink of an eye, Helicopters and jeeps are leaving the FBI office in multitudes, Agent Puller also see the commotion, he remembered that Agent Black talked to Director Alicia minute ago, Agent Puller knew that there is fire on the mountain, quickly he dial Luke number, but the call is not connecting, he tried Spider and Farouq number as well, but none of them is reachable, Agent Puller decide to send message, and it was successful, he board his car and drove away.
  • Meanwhile Luke, Faruq and Spider make it home successfully, but unknown to them, they had successfully fall into Jacob trap, they met Jane awaiting them at home, even though she had a different opinion against Luke, still he smiled and asked about the take over.
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