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Chapter 9 Retaliation!

  • "Investigate? By the time you find the truth, I won't ever be able to work in the industry again!
  • "Well, what do you want to do?"
  • Rolling her eyes, Jiang Lingyun reached over to hold his arm and gently spoke. "Zhexuan, do you remember when Yan Wen announced her retirement after agreeing to go out with you? If she was willing to do that for you then, she must be willing to do this now."
  • "Make a statement on behalf of the company saying that she did have plans for a comeback but just had not found an opportunity."
  • "Throw in how jealous she is of my reputation and so taking advantage of my injury and inability to audition, she disguised herself as me to make use my popularity. The rumors online are all lies that she paid people to make up. All because she wants to use me as a stepping stone."
  • "But…" Bai Zhexuan was still hesitant. Yan Wen had sacrificed a lot for him these two years, and he did not want to do anything too drastic.
  • "If you don't make a decision now, she will destroy Grand Entertainment."
  • Bai Zhexuan was moved by her words, but the investor burst into his office at that moment.
  • "President Bai, if this is the way you get things done, we can't work together!"
  • "What now?"
  • The investor was beside himself with anger. "Why is our President's private meeting with Jiang Lingyun all over the Internet? Do you know how much damage that will do to our company? We are ceasing our sponsorship and drawing a line between us and Grand Entertainment!"
  • Jiang Lingyun, pale with rage, demanded, "Who leaked it?"
  • "I did." Xia walked into the room, carrying a box of tapes. Spilling them onto the table, she said, "This is the evidence of you bullying the rookies. What's online is just the peak of the iceberg."
  • "Are you mad? Do you want to get fired?"
  • "You must be thick. I don't think I can make it any more obvious." Xia gave him a look of disdain, pulling off her company lanyard and throwing it on the table. "The industry is a dirty mess because of people like you with your under-the-table deals."
  • Bai Zhexuan did not have time to be angry with her. He immediately ordered everyone to suppress the news and, following Jiang Lingyun's instructions, pushed all the blame to Yan Wen.
  • In these few years Grand Entertainment had put so much money in Jiang Lingyun, going so far as to put all resources towards her. With so much investment and hardly any returns, they naturally could not just watch her name get dragged in the mud. As they concentrated their energy into saving the situation, public opinion became one-sided.
  • Everyone believed that Yan Wen had disguised herself as Jiang Lingyun in order to make a comeback.
  • However, the afternoon that public opinion changed sides, every single entertainment reporter simultaneously received a note from Dahua Entertainment's Communications Office. The note informed them not to continue publishing negative articles about Yan Wen, or there would be consequences.
  • Was Yan Wen sheltering under the umbrella of Dahua Entertainment?
  • Curious reporters immediately sought information from their leadership. Once news about Yan Wen stopped being published, everyone's attention returned to Jiang Lingyun.
  • Reading the news online, Yan Wen smiled. She put down her phone and looked across her at the man in the grey suit. "You helped me?"
  • "Just a bit," Jiang Sui-an answered mildly. He had barely done anything.
  • He elegantly turned his attention from Yan Wen to the steak on his plate. "You've become a thorn in the side of Grand Entertainment. Will you be changing careers in the future?"
  • "No! They're trying to smear my name, saying that I'm using this opportunity to stage a comeback. I'll buck the trend and everyone will know I succeeded based on my own ability."
  • "Aren't you worried? If Grand turns all resources to silencing you, I'm not sticking my head out for you."
  • His words engulfed the room like a whirlwind.
  • But Yan Wen did not waver under the pressure. "My principle is that once you start something, you must complete it. No one can stop me."
  • She would take on the burden of having Bai Zhexuan as an enemy and fulfill her promise to him.
  • How many women in the world would dare?