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Chapter 413 You’re The Most Important One

  • Yan Wen raised her head and smiled indifferently, “I’ve said it right from the start. I wouldn’t try to harm others. And now after what happened, was there a point to even discuss about it?”
  • “Probably you two were malicious. But I had done my best to protect myself. Therefore I don’t think I have the right to remove the two of you.”
  • “Not only that, we were all director Yu’s chosen actors. I believe in his insight. If the two of you were discarded, it might even harm the quality of the movie.”
  • “What I did yesterday was simply to warn you two, don’t do what you shouldn’t. And you only have one chance.”
  • “We are all actors and I believe we all understand how difficult it was to survive in this industry. As for your relationship, I have no interest to expose it.”
  • “Therefore, I don’t think you need to be watchful towards me. But remember, I will do just anything to protect myself and my path.”
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