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Chapter 348 Yan Wen Is My Wife

  • “What?”
  • “……”
  • “Hurry and record it! President Jiang is rebuking the Yan family’s statement.”
  • “If she is truly a child from the Yan family, why would they make such an announcement? Or was it true that her mother was a mistress? The Yan family had no other way but to sacrifice Yan Wen and gave a statement like that.”
  • The media were speculating and they looked eagerly at Jiang Sui-an for his clarification.
  • “It doesn’t matter what happened between Yan Wen’s mother and the Yan family, that was the feud from the previous generation. I hope that it wouldn’t be bothering Yan Wen. As the president of Da Hua and Yan Wen’s personal manager, I will make sure those that were involved in the rumors take up legal responsibilities. Should I find out anyone was participating in it, I will make sure he pays dearly.”
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