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Chapter 133 Clubbing Night

  • After Zhang Erhuan was kicked out from Ole, she had nowhere else to go.
  • She wanted to contact Han Wannan but she just couldn’t get her calls through. And she forgot one vital part, that despite all that happened, Han Wannan was still an asset of Creative.
  • The company had exacted punitive action by restricting her from taking part in any commercial activities. In addition of Han Wannan’s manager being investigated, it was more than difficult to contact them.
  • Unless, Han Wannan contact Zhang Erhuan herself.
  • That night, Zhang Erhuan finally got her hands on Han Wannan’s number. She was anxious and excited at the same time, “Where are you? Let’s meet up!”
  • However on the other side, Han Wannan was uninterested and even scornful.
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