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Chapter 354 Take Care of Yourself

  • Although Yan Wen would be leaving soon to the set and it would be a long time until she was back, and even as she had left the Yan family and had no plans to go back, she couldn’t tolerate with how Yan Rou leveraged and harmed her mother.
  • “I have a busy schedule. I shall make my leave now.” After that, Yan Wen rose from her seat. She ignored Yan Rou and walked out the restaurant.
  • Yan Rou remained seated and she seemed to be in distress.
  • Be it in the past or right now, she had always been getting it from Yan Wen. The woman never won against Yan Wen.
  • It was all because of this complex that she had always doggedly wanted to win against Yan Wen… It was a long time marinated resentment.
  • “President Yan, shall we continue?”
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