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Chapter 57 Taken by Surprise

  • Jason frowned deeply nearby, as he heard someone say, "No wonder Jiang Lingyun kept on trying to cover up Yan Wen's brilliance during filming."
  • "When is the engagement?" Yan Wen asked.
  • "Soon." The situation was favorable for Jiang Lingyun now. Once this international reality show went on air, Jiang Lingyun's popularity would soar, and with the decent ratings of her last show The Dream of Jiang Mountain, it was only a matter of time before she received the best actress award.
  • "Sure, I'll prepare an engagement gift for them." Yan Wen lifted her champagne glass. The indifferent smile on her face was blinding.
  • Jiang Lingyun loosened her grip on Bai Zhexuan and walked over to Yan Wen. "I know you must be feeling very awkward right now. You don't need to prepare any gifts. Just stay away from Zhexuan!"
  • "You're thinking too much."
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