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Chapter 429 Curtains Closed

  • Li Wei’s manager and assistant were shocked by old man Jiang’s action. They wanted to move forward to help but they were intimated by the old man’s prestige and the Jiang family’s influence. And they stopped by their track.
  • The man was the real deal, Jiang Sui-an’s grandfather and the founder of Jiang Group. Even the big-shots from the business and politic world needed to pay him some respect.
  • And they were just some small-time employees…
  • *Stomp*
  • Old man Jiang gave Li Wei another kick. The old man was known for his ferocity and decisiveness. He wouldn’t care who was he beating. As long as the victim deserved it and he would show no mercy.
  • “Not admitting? Let you help you!” After that old man Jiang gave his bodyguard an eye-signal.
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