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Chapter 377 Ending

  • Yan Rou swept across the room. Yan Wen was cool as a cucumber and her two brothers had no intention to meddle, “That’s great… So you guys are family now?”
  • “Big sis, I simply want to live a normal life with my family. After third sis left home, the atmosphere in the house was already bad. But you never bothered to hold back and stirred conflict again and again. Was power and authority so important for you?”
  • “The only reason you are the vice president of the company was because of your identity as the eldest daughter. Take that away and you are nothing. But you were unable to see the truth for yourself, you hadn’t been thankful…” Yan Cheng averted his gaze, “It wasn’t us that chased you out. But you yourself that gave up on your family.”
  • “Most importantly, third sis had never once treated you as her enemy. How about you? You couldn’t even let things slide after she got married and viciously wanted to ruin her life. I am ashamed to have a sister like you.”
  • “This is already the best case scenario for you.” Yan Jie shook his head. After witnessing how Yan Rou ended up, they were having mixed feelings, sympathetic and helpless…
  • The brothers had kept quiet all these while not because they were cowards. But they simply valued their familial relationship and choose to keep quiet.
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