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Chapter 56 Warmth

  • Just the thought of the man softened the look in Yan Wen's eyes. As the car turned into the estate, she could see that the whole walkway was covered with fresh flowers. Jiang Sui-an was going through some documents when he heard his assistant's voice. He lifted his head and looked straight at Yan Wen exiting the car. He put the documents to the side, and after giving a few orders, strode over on his long legs.
  • "You must be tired." He bent slightly, grasping her hand, and together they walked to the dining table in the middle of the estate house.
  • "I wasn't sure what time you'd be back, so I only prepared a few appetizers…"
  • Yan Wen's heart grew warm at the sight of the delicious food on the table.
  • This man who was like an emperor had not only crossed the ocean to accompany her, his every detail was prepared carefully. He could bring her to see the wonders of the world, and give her such meticulous care in her life. In this world, wherever she went, he was always there treating her like a great treasure.
  • Yan Wen's eyes were red-rimmed. She threw aside her troubles and exhaustion from work. At this moment, she only wanted to be his woman.
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