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Chapter 283 Insulted

  • When Mu Yuxin saw the PIC of the organiser socialising nearby, she carried her handbag and strutted proudly towards him.
  • Yan Wen’s eyebrows loured faintly. The ever so chilled woman felt a sense of discomfort towards this woman that showed her unjustified enmity.
  • “The Mu’s group had been developing well lately and they were closely associated with several international companies. As the Mu family’s youngest daughter, Mu Yuxin’s temper had always been this way. She scorns at those from the showbiz but she enjoyed attending dinners like this to show off.”
  • “I think she is looking for the organiser to change her seat.”
  • Yan Wen nodded manneredly at Luoran as she explained to her. And now she couldn’t care less about the rude woman.
  • “With a family background like that, it’s understandable.”
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