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Chapter 294 Nervous every time

  • Only a few person knew about Jiang Sui-an’s visit and Chen Qin didn’t want outsiders to catch on her conflict with Jiang Sui-an. Therefore she tried hard to impress others in the set. So if anything were to happen in the future, she could make a clean escape.
  • The shoot went well and for the later period, Yan Wen followed Jiang Sui-an along to visit the set. For an experienced actress like Chen Qin, she had no trouble carrying the female lead and her acting was simply impeccable.
  • Even Yan Wen was restful after she saw her performance.
  • When they got back, Jiang Sui-an looked at Yan Wen as she packed her luggage and he smiled, “Mrs. Jiang, let me remind you… There’s less than one month until we announce our marriage. But you are spending nearly all your time overseas…”
  • Yan Wen stopped by her track momentarily and thought for a moment. She nodded in agreement, “Do you have any good suggestion then, Mr. Jiang?”
  • “I want to postpone it until you’re done with these works for the time being.”
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