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Chapter 483 President Zeng Got Into Trouble

  • Zeng Eryu pretended to take a sip and then shut her eyes. She reclined on the back of the car and pretended to fall asleep.
  • The secretary tried to call and nudge her after 10 minutes. When she saw that Zeng Eryu wasn’t responding, she breathed a sigh of relief. And then she looked nervously forward as the car was moving forward.
  • The vehicle stopped at the back of the hotel and the driver got down and carried Zeng Eryu down the car. After that he warned the secretary with a fierce face, “Make sure you are careful with what you say when you report to police.”
  • “…Got it.” When the secretary saw Zeng Eryu was bring brought off by the people they arranged, she gripped her fist tightly.
  • “The police will begin their investigation for missing person after you file the report. And we will make sure to do it spotlessly.”
  • The president of Yan Group getting kidnapped when she went outstation…
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