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Chapter 432 Follow The Flow

  • Yan Wen sneaked inside the bedroom quietly. When she saw the man lying on bed, she had a sweet smile on her face. Then she walked towards the changing room.
  • After a quick rinse, Yan Wen laid next to Jiang Sui-an naturally. Before she could turn off the bedside lamp, Jiang Sui-an turned over and hugged her. It wasn’t that he woke up, but he did this so many times and it was just body memory. Even after he fell asleep, he would desire to hug the woman next to him.
  • No matter how high was his stature outside, he was always the most ordinary man at home that loves his wife.
  • Yan Wen’s lips curled up faintly and watched as he slept. That man was her husband, the man he swore to spend the rest of her life with…
  • It was in the middle of the night and Yan Wen felt an impulse. She didn't consider if her actions would disrupt his sleep but she leaned forward and kissed his lips.
  • After that, Jiang Sui-an opened his eyes and he was puzzled for a second. The man then changed from being passive to aggressive and kissed her back passionately.
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