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Chapter 39 Just You Wait

  • They could progress to the next step, but they both respected each other's choices. His kisses and touch made her happy. Jiang Sui-an lifted up her chin from where it lay on his arm.
  • "These few days must have been tiring?"
  • He was referring to her battle with Grand Entertainment. Yan Wen reached out to hug him.
  • "It's okay… With Xia and Chen Yu, and your help, I'm not tired."
  • "How do you know I did anything?" He frowned slightly. He knew that Yan Wen hoped he would not interfere, so he had been holding back. Otherwise, Grand Entertainment would no longer exist in the world and a bit player like Bai Zhexuan would have disappeared.
  • "Besides Mr. Jiang, who is worth hundreds of billions, who else could have made them back off with one phone call?"
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