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Chapter 472 Anyone Would Hesitate Before Love

  • Jiang Sui-an had the same plan too, but he just couldn’t help but got worried for Yan Wen.
  • He held Yan Wen’s hand and told her the news Qing Yu reported, “Some of the artists were bribed in secret. Qing Yu found out that they had been contacting with someone outside the showbiz and there were transactions going on. After investigation, it was found out to be Yan Rou.”
  • “It seems like in order to hurt me, not only had she designed traps after traps, now she’d even plant moves in the showbiz.”
  • “Previously I didn't have the time to entertain her tricks but now I will no longer allow her that. I will take good care of myself and our baby, and not allow Yan Rou to continue with her wicked acts.”
  • “Alright then, just do whatever you want. I simply have one condition, do not be overworking yourself and harm your health.”
  • Jiang Sui-an would always be supporting her decision from behind, and he cared for her health more than anyone else.
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