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Chapter 66 Jiang Lingyun Will Be a Best Actress

  • "Marrying you has been my blessing. If you agree, I'll go ahead with it." Jiang Sui-an smiled at the woman in his arms.
  • He made every decision with respect to Yan Wen's wishes and Yan Wen was most touched by this.
  • She had no reason to reject Jiang Sui-an. After all, he was her husband, and as he was not going to reveal his identity to the director, it would not be linked back to Dahua. He just wanted to help share her burden.
  • "Alright. Then I'll wait for your good news, Special Manager."
  • Yan Wen leaned on him with a sweet smile; she was unable to hide how moved she was.
  • Early the next morning, Grand Entertainment received invitations to the Golden Dagger movie festival. In total, there were invitations for two actresses, Jiang Lingyun and Yan Wen.
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