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Chapter 499 She Wants A Split

  • “Do you guys think that I care for the company’s share price?”
  • “Or whether the product launching is successful?”
  • “The only reason I stand here today is because I respected my grandpa. And I want to share both his and my mother’s burden. As for Yan Rou, I do not see her as one of my family. All that she done had brought me to the opposite side of hers.”
  • “Before you guys speak in favor of her, I implore you to think properly, that whether you even know the truth of the matter!”
  • After Yan Wen finished, all the directors had different expressions. Feng Hengyuan gripped his fist tightly and said no more.
  • Yan Wen wasn’t someone in the business world. She was innocent and clean like a new piece of paper. And she wouldn’t be acting to slander anyone.
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