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Chapter 161 Threatened

  • After following after Jiang Sui-an for so long, Qing Yu too, had keen observational skills. He immediately noticed that Xia was in distress.
  • Since his boss had given direct orders, he must make sure to do thorough investigation before returning.
  • And when he saw the woman in distress, he was compassionate and wanted to help.
  • “Is anything wrong? Since I’m already here, you might as well tell me. Maybe I can help.”
  • “No… you should go back now. It’s pretty late already.” Xia wanted to shut the door.
  • Qing Yu had no choice but to stop the door with force, “If you don’t want to tell, then I have no choice but wait here until you open your mouth. If I were to just go back like this, my boss would be displeased with my incompetence.”
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