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Chapter 279 Mysterious guest

  • Nobody had thought that Ling Zhan would pass away so suddenly.
  • Although the two companies had been competitors, but Jiang Sui-an had known Ling Zhan for a long time. It didn’t matter what feud they have had, since now the man had already passed away, they should make a visit to show their respect.
  • Jiang Sui-an went over to Ling Zhan’s ward with Yan Wen. At the same time, Rising Dragon’s shareholders had all came too. The air was filled with grief and sorrow.
  • The moment Ling Ye saw Jiang Sui-an, he instantly charged at him but was seized by the man’s bodyguards.
  • He pointed his finger at Jiang Sui-an and fumed, “I will never forgive you! Now my dad passed away and you stole Rising Dragon. You happy now!?”
  • Yan Wen didn’t think that Ling Ye still didn’t realise his mistake.
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