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Chapter 17 Exposed

  • “Lingyun! Are you alright?” Jiang Lingyun’s assistant burst into the room, as if he knew this was about to happen. He was followed by a swarm of reporters who surrounded the bed, snapping photos of Jiang Lingyun’s tragic beauty.
  • “I… Stop it, stop taking photos. Yan Wen didn’t mean to hurt me. She was just angry. It was my fault and I let her down. I’ll give her the role and help her stage her comeback. Please stop taking photos.” The words might sound sincere, but she was actually hamming it up for the cameras.
  • To Yan Wen, this was clearly a pre-arranged scene.
  • The reporters turned their attention to Yan Wen. “Please explain what just happened!”
  • Yan Wen calmly looked at them and replied, “Why do I need to explain?”
  • From the bed, Jiang Lingyun cried out, “Yan Wen, hurry and go. I’ll explain for you!”
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