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Chapter 63 The Decision to Support Her

  • Looking into his deep eyes, Yan Wen smiled lightly and hugged him, "Thank you… You've helped me a lot."
  • "It's my honor to help my wife." Jiang Sui-an dropped a light kiss on her forehead. His rich and sexy voice curled around her ear, "Dahua has already prepared a contract and dressing room. Just waiting for a lady boss."
  • If Yan Wen signed with Dahua, she would be able to achieve her wildest dreams.
  • "Do you remember what I said? I want to rely on myself. Right now, I still don't have the confidence to stand by your side and hold your hand. So… please give me a bit more time. I'll let everyone know that I'm yours."
  • "The stronger you get, the more I love you. I respect your decision. I'll always be your most ardent backer."
  • He had an entertainment empire that would work for her at any moment, but he watched as she made her own way towards his side. This perseverance was not something every woman possessed.
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