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Chapter 38 Young and Beautiful Wife

  • Just as everybody was waiting for Yan Wen's response, Dahua Entertainment's subsidiary Star Elite uploaded an interview video.
  • The interviewees were two directors who had worked with Yan Wen before.
  • "She's an amazing actress. If she makes a comeback, I will definitely invite her to act in my show."
  • "Director Yu, have you seen the news online? Do you think the truth is as Grand Entertainment says?"
  • "I can't talk about what happened between them. But from a professional point of view, I believe in Yan Wen's character and qualities as an actress. She's worth looking out for. Without her, it would be a massive loss to the entertainment industry."
  • The contract between Yan Wen and Grand Entertainment was included at the end of the video. Anyone with eyes could see that the contract was very unfair to Yan Wen. It not only buried her talent but also wasted years of her youth.
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