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Chapter 5 The Standard of an Acclaimed Actress

  • Slowly, the small theater filled up with people. Once the director arrived, each actor took the stage to audition.
  • Yan Wen in her mask, with hair down and her eyes barely showing under the heavy false eyelashes, sat quietly watching the stage with Hui. Anyone who was familiar with her would know that she had already entered audition mode.
  • Hui whispered in Yan Wen’s ear, “Pretend to read the script. Once you’re up there, act a bit and then pretend to faint. I’ll bring you back up to the room and your task is done.”
  • “Then the role is Jiang Lingyun’s?” Yan Wen asked, acting surprised.
  • Everyone was here based on their ability, but Jiang Lingyun was here only because of Bai Zhexuan’s underhanded actions.
  • “Of course. Now you just ‘faint’ properly. Don’t add anything else to it.” Hui warned as he turned to answer his phone.
  • Hui's warning sparked an idea in Yan Wen. She bowed her head to read the script, mouth curling into a smile under the mask. A plan was forming in her mind.
  • When she lifted her head again, her eyes swam with tears in sympathy of Zhen-er’s life.
  • A crew member walked over to her. “Lingyun, you’re up next.”
  • Yan Wen nodded and stood up, purposely coughing twice to hide her plan from Hui.
  • Seizing his opportunity, Hui explained, “Lingyun has been working so hard these past few days that she’s running a high fever now. However, she really wants this role and insisted on coming for the audition even though I objected.”
  • He even gave Yan Wen a look of exasperation, shaking his head.
  • After Hui’s little speech, Yan Wen noticed a change in the expressions of the people around her. Besides jealousy, there was a degree of admiration.
  • Yan Wen laughed to herself. Bai Zhexuan had really put in a lot of effort to portray Jiang Lingyun as kind and dedicated to her job. But she would not let them win. Jiang Lingyun’s image would be destroyed today.
  • Yan Wen took to the stage. Because of Hui’s earlier explanation, even though she was wearing a hat and face mask, Director Chen just looked at her and sighed but did not say anything.
  • She removed her hat, letting down her long hair and tucking the sides behind her ears, leaving the mask to hide her face.
  • Turning, she made three rounds of the stage. It looked pointless, but she had already begun her performance.
  • Hui stood at the foot of the stage, mood now serious. He was prepared to pretend to panic and rush to Yan Wen's side.
  • However, Yan Wen suddenly spun around and instead of fainting, collapsed to her knees on the stage and wailed with increasing volume. Her shoulders shaking, she choked out the line, “How could you leave me alone?”
  • As her voice fell, she lifted her head, the tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.
  • Now this was acting!
  • Everyone from the director to the crew was shaken by the scene.
  • The most important crying scene of this role had just been perfectly rendered by Yan Wen! Compared to the earlier actresses, her performance was more realistic and affected the audience.
  • According to the script, Zhen-er spent her days crying in agony after being abandoned. Yan Wen’s performance not only portrayed the pain in Zhen-er’s heart, but also a feeling of renewed fervour.
  • After she sat on the stage floor, hands on her knees and delivered her second line, everyone could not help but applaud her performance, and the thunderous applause shook the small theater.
  • This was no longer a simple audition. This was an unforgettable textbook-level performance, breaking down the character and delivering such depth.
  • Director Chen sat gasping in his chair, his eyes filled with wonder. “It’s her! That’s the Zhen-er I want!”
  • The assistant director immediately announced, “The role of Zhen-er will be played by Jiang Lingyun.”
  • Yan Wen calmly stood up and, seeing the happiness in Hui’s eyes, smiled thinly under the mask. Relax, I’m not even done yet.
  • In the last row of seats, the imposing man sat with his hands folded, holding his gaze on Yan Wen’s face. He was stunned.
  • Even his steadiness was shaken by her performance. The standard of an acclaimed actress with a grand slam of awards was extraordinary. He also did not fail to notice her self-control and restraint.