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Chapter 508 You Are The Only Answer

  • “If you don’t mind, please be my girlfriend.” Yan Jie spoke with outmost sincerity. He did not want to miss this woman of his life.
  • “And how about the company…”
  • “I will apply to the company to announce that I have a girlfriend. I believe those that supports me and my fans would give us their blessings! And my third sis had announced her marriage too! As long as I write songs and work diligently, I do not think this will be a problem.” Yan Jie had thought about it clearly.
  • If his dream would require him to stay single to fit in the idol the crowd liked, then he would rather give up this meaningless dream.
  • After he was finished, he looked at Ying Mo carefully and waited for her reply.
  • And suddenly there was a voice emitted from behind, “Da Hua will never restrict their artist’s freedom to love.”
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