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Chapter 408 President Jiang Is Here, Who Dares To Hurt Her

  • When Ximan heard Yan Wen, she slowly raised her head and was stunned momentarily. Ximan chuckled, “Of course. The martial art instructor is here too.”
  • “That’s great, let’s all get ready and rehearse it once!” Yunan clapped his hand and gestured everyone to get ready.
  • Ximan stood at her position and she couldn’t understand why would Yan Wen agree to take such risk. But it was a good news for her, now that she got herself an opportunity to do what she wants!
  • “Ready!”
  • Ximan looked at Yan Wen and her eyes dimmed. Her palms were sweaty and her heart was racing. Although the woman was very experienced in action scenes and she knew how she could hurt Yan Wen, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.
  • However it was Yan Wen that forced her to this. She was simply taking back what she deserved.
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