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Chapter 477 Someone Must Step Up To Clarify Things

  • Ying Mo’s attitude made Wu Jingran jumpy. The singer forced a smile and said, “You are just Haoyi’s assistant. You don’t have the right to represent him. If there’s anything he wishes to speak to me about, ask him to see me personally.”
  • “You were the liar, and you were the one that cheated with two men. Now he was being falsely accused to have cheated with an engaged woman, don’t you feel any guilt?”
  • Wu Jingran’s expression was sour.
  • Every word that came out from Ying Mo’s mouth stabbed her like a blade. And Wu Jingran was unable to say anything in return.
  • “You better think properly. You knew Haoyi’s real identity and he isn't someone you can slander so easily. If you still want to stay in this showbiz, then you better step up and clear things up. Tell everyone the truth!”
  • “Otherwise, the only person that loses everything in the end will be you.”
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