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Chapter 475 Agony Of Being Cheated On

  • He knew what he was doing and also what he saw. And the truth was always so heartbreaking.
  • “Looks like your boy toy had been following you.” When the man saw Yan Jie, he smiled and loosened his hug on Wu Jingran’s waist.
  • When Wu Jingran turned back and saw Yan Jie, she was stunned. She dashed towards Yan Jie right away and wanted to beg for his forgiveness, “Why would you… Please listen to me, it isn't like what you see. Let me explain!”
  • “Explain? There’s no need for that.” Yan Jie took a few steps back, “I don’t want to see you anymore, this is the end for us.”
  • “No, Haoyi! I love you, but I had no choice…”
  • “So you didn't have a choice when you kissed him?!” Yan Jie yelled in affliction.
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