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Chapter 323 Interview

  • When they were celebrating over there, Cheng Yun was glaring at the loving couple from a distance. She fumed and bottomed-up her glass of champagne. Yan Wen was right. She was in no place to mock their relationship. When Yan Wen was in Ole, she shamelessly mentioned that she wanted to court after Jiang Sui-an. But the man’s girlfriend was just seated right before her!
  • Not only that, Cheng Yu had the impression that Yan Wen was afraid to show off her lover…
  • Now that the woman thought back, she felt that her actions were foolish and humiliating.
  • The woman was simmering with jealousy. How could Yan Wen gain such great offers? How could she score such a great man?
  • A thunderstorm hits the place. But the reporters were still stationed outside the hotel, hoping to interview the guests and celebrities.
  • The artists respected the reporters’ work ethics to persevere under such unfavourable weather conditions. Therefore, they slowed down their pace and smiled to answer their questions.
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