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Chapter 120 Unexpected Truth

  • When the cropped surveillance video was displayed, everyone in the hall had unmistakeably seen and took picture of the time.
  • And Yan Wen had solid proof that she hadn’t come into contact with the gift.
  • As Peter saw that some reporters were still gossiping, he exuded a serious demeanour and glowered, “Everything I said and done represents Snow. If anyone were to suspect the genuineness of the evidence, you will be challenging Snow’s reputation!”
  • There were a number of Creative’s own reporters in the hall, and they were desperate to get something favourable for Han Wannan.
  • And Peter’s statement had shown his firm stance on the matter.
  • “Such is the truth. When everyone was judging and reprimanding Yan Wen, we chose to stay quiet. It was not our intention to condone Han Wannan’s vicious and spiteful act but we wanted to be proper and transparent, ergo we did it in an official manner to clear things up. Yan Wen is a respectable and virtuous artist. She would never to anything like that!”
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