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Chapter 292 Why didn’t boss explain?

  • “And those internet mobsters say that you should just focus with your own movie and don’t hinder Da Hua’s operation!”
  • “They weren’t all wrong.” Yan Wen replied indifferently, “Sometimes timing is important. Even if I want to, it might not be the best suit.”
  • “But they were just too much!”
  • Yan Wen wouldn’t care less. She had seared herself from such things after being so long in the showbiz.
  • “However, boss Jiang really didn’t intend to let you star in it? Didn’t the two of you discuss about this?” Xia jogged over to the over end of the couch and nudged Yan Wen, “Tell me~”
  • “Then do you want me to act in every Da Hua’s production?” Yan Wen chuckled.
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