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Chapter 344 You Better Don’t Regret It

  • Yan Wen’s face was unemotional and she exuded nothing but coldness.
  • Her eyes were gleaming an icy chill and the rest of the siblings didn’t dare to make eye contact with her. Although she wasn’t as intimidating as Jiang Sui-an, but she emanated a strong will and resolution.
  • She wasn’t joking at all.
  • If Yan Rou paid no heed to her warning, she would really make her regret for the rest of her life.
  • Yan Wen ignored Yan Rou after that and she turned to old master Yan and bowed, “That news will disappear soon enough. Please rest assured, grandpa. Forgive me for intruding today.”
  • After that, Yan Wen turned around to leave.
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