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Chapter 410 Stopping Again And Again

  • After hearing that, Ximan’s body tensed up. How could that… She instinctively looked at Li Wei and her eyes were filled with worries.
  • Yan Wen noticed that right away and her lips curled up. Ximan really didn't know how to hide her emotions.
  • When everyone was back to their own hotel rooms, Ximan caught up to Yan Wen and called out to her anxiously, “Yan Wen, you had never shot a scene like that previously, right?”
  • Yan Wen looked at her and nodded quietly, “No, all the characters I casted had no such scenes.”
  • Ximan frowned deeply, “Then… I’ll go over to the set and show you an example!”
  • “Thank you in advance, sis Ximan.”
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