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Chapter 351 The Company Ran out of Budget?

  • Once Jiang Sui-an saw her expression, he knew that the woman had been overthinking. He hurriedly said, “Don’t overthink, my parents are still travelling. We will get the chance to meet them. As for my grandpa, he stopped asking questions after knowing I’m married.”
  • “Therefore, don’t be so worried. As long as we are happily married, they will definitely acknowledge you and give their blessings.”
  • “I couldn’t help but worry, since they have never showed up before this…” Yan Wen was curious, “Is the Jiang family always so low profile?”
  • “Yeah. They’ve always lived freely according to their own will. They never cared about others’ opinion.”
  • Yan Wen recalled her meeting with the man’s uncle and she could grasp what he meant.
  • And what more, Jiang Sui-an had never lied to her.
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