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Chapter 452 Yan Family’s Nightmare

  • “I wish to let her give birth to the child.” Old man Yan sighed.
  • Yan Wen ruminated for a while and nodded in agreement.
  • Since Yan Rou had done such an unforgivable act and their grandfather had agreed to punish her severely, it would not matter how Yan Rou continued to put up a farce. She wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. Might as well pretend to let her drown in her delusional bliss. When the time is right and they shall expose her. See if she could handle the shock!
  • At that time, Yan Rou would probably understand the meaning of agony.
  • “You’re pregnant now, and you should rest more and be mindful for your body condition! How many months are you in?”
  • When Yan Wen saw how excited her grandfather was, she decided not to say further. But she made sure to remind him not to let anyone know of the fact that she was pregnant.
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