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Chapter 51 Filming Starts

  • Jiang Lingyun's high morale gave Bai Shanshan peace of mind. She continued to have the PR department promote Jiang Lingyun everywhere. With eye-catching headlines, the overwhelming amount of news turned the tide of the discussion. The previous gossip columns were slowly forgotten and Jiang Lingyun's other woman status was cleared.
  • Everyone saw that Grand was throwing its weight behind Jiang Lingyun and felt that Yan Wen should not have taken on this production. Once filming started, she might become Jiang Lingyun's foil.
  • On the way to the filming venue, Xia took another look at the photos in the top search.
  • "Bai Zhexuan has really spent a lot on this. Yan Wen, I can't stand it!" Xia frowned, unhappy that they were continuing their farce.
  • "There are so many announcements discussing Jiang Lingyun's commercial value. From the management point of view, you can both learn from her team." Yan Wen was calm and not affected by the goings-on.
  • "Okay…"
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