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Chapter 501 Family feud

  • But Yan Rou appeared to be completely crazy and she dashed up the stage and snatched the mic over from director Li’s hand. She glared furiously at Yan Wen and fumed, “She had promised not to appear as the acting president and why is she here to steal the spotlight? The company did not invite you!”
  • “You have no right to be here! How could a showgirl like you manage the company!?”
  • “And you were definitely the one that caused the name list to be leaked previously!”
  • Yan Rou planned to shift all the blame to Yan Wen and she was completely overtaken by jealousy and rage. She didn't even think of the consequences of her doing that!
  • Feng Hengyuan shut his eyes in the audience seat. He made a mistake and he shouldn’t have the delusion that Yan Rou could win against Yan Wen. This woman was nothing but a complete fool!
  • “Umm…” Director Li shook his head and didn't know how to handle the situation.
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