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Chapter 148 Romantic

  • “How long will it take?” Jiang Sui-an tidied his suit and asked.
  • The crew immediately replied, “Won’t be long sir… I couldn’t believe to see Mr. Jiang here.”
  • “That’s because Yan Wen asked for help.” His answer was simple and direct.
  • WM’s PIC heard him too but everyone could only swallow their curiosity.
  • “A superb actor like Yan Wen should shine brightly. I merely wanted to see her good work in the showbiz. And I couldn’t find a reason to reject her.”
  • Jiang Sui-an’s words was distancing but truthful enough. And thus Director Chen and all that present thought that Jiang Sui-an appreciated Yan Wen’s talent as the president of an entertainment company.
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