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Chapter 60 Company Decision

  • Bai Shanshan was about to continue when her phone rang. It was her company phone and she listened to the assistant, shocked. "I…"
  • "Madam Bai, the chairman is very angry. The Backstage production has reflected very badly on the company. His decision is that you are to return home and take a break. He's put you on long leave."
  • "...what!" Bai Shanshan's mind went blank. She did not expect that this would fall on her head. "Where is the chairman, I must see him immediately!"
  • "There's no need. He has already sent a replacement for you. You've gone too far this time. The chairman still doesn't know what connection you have with Jiang Lingyun. If he does, I'm afraid it won't be as simple as long leave. If the company pursues their legal options, you will never be able to work in this industry again."
  • "In addition, the incident has resulted in hundreds of millions of loss for the company. If you don't leave, you'll be in debt."
  • In a short few minutes, everything that Bai Shanshan had worked so hard for many years was gone. She did not even have the chance to call to plead her case before she was sentenced.
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