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Chapter 251 Attempt to slander him

  • Ling Ye laughed mockingly and wrapped his arm around the mixed blood artist as they left into the building.
  • Jiang Sui-an never had women around him. Therefore his relationship status was always an enigma. But with his status, no one dared to publish any unapproved information. After hearing Ling Ye’s words today, the media were even more curious.
  • Could it be… the president of Da Hua liked men?
  • When compared to someone with countless partners like Ling Ye, Jiang Sui-an was too low profile. He had zero rumours or scandals showing he was ever associated with any woman.
  • Although the man had recently announced himself being Yan Wen’s manager… But Ling Ye’s interview led the public to think that the man was hiding something and just use Yan Wen as a front.
  • In just one night, the news of Da Hua’s president was gay spread like wild fire. However no one dared to openly question Da Hua’s personnel.
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